What we do for Sellers

We are professional Realtors who have helped hundreds of clients sell their property. Many times, we have done this after others have failed. Our success is derived from superior skill and experience, from our commitment to you, the seller, and from our use of the tools and systems of the most recognized name in real Estate, Century 21.

We will meet with you, view your property and discuss the best way to position it in the market. We will help you understand the market, where your property fits in the market and what will be the best way to position it to reach your objective whether that be the best price, a quick sale, a combination of the two or other factors.

We have a large investment in our tools and systems. Just as an example, we have invested $3,500 in our photography equipment alone, and we have the skill to use it to your best advantage. Our owner, Mike Korlin, is also a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor who has taken hundreds of aerial photos.

We have developed successful advertising strategies for a variety of printed publications, and we place your property on a number of highly ranked web sites. We advertise in every issue of Homes and Land Magazine and we market your property not just to the public but also, with priority, to hundreds of other Realtors in the area.

Century 21 MVP is your clear choice when you want the best results! Contact any of our agents to discuss your needs or the Broker/Owner, Deborah Korlin, for a recommendation of the best agent on our team for you!

Our office number is 865-429-2121 and Deborah's cell is 865-765-6157. You can also reach us by clicking here!